August 17, 2020

Welcome to Typewiz!

Typewiz online typing for children

Welcome to Typewiz.
Typewiz aims to improve your Child’s TYPING SPEED and Accuracy using our innovative typing program!

Searsol has been teaching children how to touch type since 2007. Over those years we have worked with children to learn the skill of touch typing. Typewiz was developed in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin using their educational experience.

Typewiz offers the following:

Designed for children in mind.
Typewiz is a typing tutor designed for children based on years of academic research. Our unique approach will motivate a child to learn how to touch type. By offering them word per minute badges, earned avatars, virtual coins that can be used in our typing game arcade.

Typewiz has a modular design.
Typewiz modular design offers children an amazing environment to learn how to touch type. Children can take breaks from typing and interact with our typing module or view their reports using our reports module.

Avatar rewards
Typewiz allows children to earn an avatar as the complete each lesson in Typewiz. Thus motivating your child to learn how to touch type.

Typing Games
Typewiz has fun and interactive typing games for your child to enjoy. Your child can compete with other children and see who is top of the leaderboard. A virtual coin is used for each game. This is earned by your child performance on the Typewiz course. Thus motivating them to complete exercises fast and accurately.

Want to know how your child is getting on with Typewiz? Typewiz offers a report showing how your child is progressing on the course. The report shows the following information:

Exercises Completed
Highest Score
100% Scores
Excellent Scores
Average Accuracy
Coins Earned
Average WPM
Information can be shown on a weekly, last six month, last year or all time. Our report both accuracy and wpm graphs. So it can easily be viewed. Reports can be printed off. Course certificates are available to print as well.

Integrated bot
Typewiz bot helps your child to remain engaged by providing help and tips to learn how to touch type.

If you interested why not try out 7-day FREE trial available.

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