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Elevate your child's typing skills with our premium program, blending cutting-edge technology, captivating gamification, and personalised feedback for an immersive and effective learning experience.

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Make typing effortlessly enjoyable for your child with Typewiz—a dynamic and interactive platform designed for swift and accurate learning. Experience the joy of mastering typing skills as your child stays super motivated throughout the engaging journey. Keep honing your skills through daily practice, collecting avatars, badges, and coins along the way. With just a half-hour a day for one to two weeks, your child will emerge as a typing pro!

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Benefits of learning how to type

  • Typing if learnt earlier can be a long term key skill in the home, school, college, and in a work environment.
  • Typing helps your child to type faster as well as accurately, without having to look at the keyboard every now and then
  • Once your child is touch typing it becomes unconscious, letting your child become more creative.
  • A child can learn faster than adults. So the earlier they learn the better. No bad habits are formed.
  • Learn to type faster with all your fingers as opposed to one. More productive!
  • Learn keys off without having to look down at the keyboard. Memory skill.
  • Make your child really efficient when using the keyboard saving them loads of time!
  • Achieve high words per minute (wpm) - typing faster than they can write, the gold standard of typing 40 wpm!
  • Practice! Practice! Practice! Keep practicing each day for a half a hour and within a few weeks you will be typing like a pro!

Typewiz program features

Word per min badges - Three to collect - Bronze, Silver and gold

New avatars unlocked each lesson completed

Virtual coins to play typing games

Elevate your child's typing skills with our premium program, blending cutting-edge technology, captivating gamification, and personalized feedback for an immersive and effective learning experience."

Design to keep your child motivated.

Support available - email, phone or chat

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Our Typewiz program, developed in collaboration with Trinity College Dublin, blends years of educational expertise to deliver engaging and concise lessons. Designed to be brief yet impactful, Typewiz encourages children to seamlessly progress through each lesson, ensuring a fun and effective journey toward mastering the invaluable skill of typing.

Designed for children in mind.

Typewiz, a specially crafted typing tutor for children, draws upon extensive academic research to offer a unique and motivating approach to touch typing. Our program incentivizes learning through word-per-minute badges, earned avatars, and virtual coins redeemable in our exciting typing game arcade. Tailored touch typing games are designed to inspire and engage, with each game session contributing to your child's progress, tracked and showcased on our interactive leaderboard.

Typewiz has modular design.

Experience the brilliance of Typewiz's modular design, providing children with an immersive environment for mastering touch typing. Our unique approach allows young learners to take breaks and explore interactive elements within the typing module or review their progress through our dedicated reports module. Typewiz's self-paced touch typing course ensures flexibility, and the benefits become evident as your child engages with the program, unlocking a seamless and effective learning journey.

Avatar rewards

Typewiz empowers children to earn unique avatars with each completed lesson, fostering motivation in their journey to master touch typing. As an online touch typing course, Typewiz eliminates the need for installations—simply log in with your passcode, and embark on a seamless and engaging learning experience.

Typing Games

Unlock a world of enjoyment with Typewiz's entertaining and interactive typing games designed for your child's delight. Foster friendly competition as your child competes with others, aiming for the top of the leaderboard. Virtual coins, earned through stellar performance in the Typewiz course, add a thrilling incentive, motivating them to complete exercises swiftly and accurately.


Want to know how your child is getting on with Typewiz? Typewiz offers a report showing how your child is progressing on the course. The report shows the following information:

  • Exercises Completed
  • Highest Score
  • 100% Scores
  • Excellent Scores
  • Average Accuracy
  • Coins Earned
  • Average WPM
  • Top WPM

Information can be shown on a weekly, last six month, last year or all time. Our report both accuracy and wpm graphs. So it can easily be viewed. Reports can be printed off. Course certificates are available to print as well.

Integrated bot

Elevate your child's touch typing experience with the Typewiz Bot—an ever-supportive companion that keeps them engaged by offering helpful tips and guidance throughout the learning journey. With the ability to analyze your child's performance, the Typewiz Bot provides personalized encouragement, empowering them to enhance their typing skills with confidence.

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Testimonials from Trustpilot

"My daughter enjoys Typewiz so much!"

Typewiz has captivated my daughter's interest like no other typing program we've tried. The clear layout and engaging design have sparked her motivation to achieve high scores, earning coveted coins that she eagerly uses to unlock and enjoy the typing games. It's truly a joy to see her enthusiasm for learning to type flourish with Typewiz

"Typewiz help my son achieve 40 word per minute!"

Typewiz is an incredible program for children! My son has achieved an impressive 40 words per minute, positioning him to type faster than most children in his age profile. I highly recommend Typewiz for any parent seeking an effective and engaging way for their child to learn touch typing

"Typewiz is an amazing typing tutor for children!!!"

Typewiz is an amazing typing tutor for children that want to learn how to touch type. Typewiz helps children stay motivated by earning coins that the can play typing games. Thus keeping focus on getting high results. My children really love it and compete for high scores!!

"Typewiz is brilliant for my kids to learn to type"

Typewiz has been a game-changer for our family. My kids were initially indifferent to typing lessons until we discovered Typewiz. The engaging and interactive platform, coupled with the motivation of earning avatars, badges, and coins, transformed their learning experience. Not only did they quickly pick up touch typing skills, but they now eagerly compete for high scores and genuinely enjoy the process. Typewiz has made learning to type a fun and rewarding journey for our children!

"My daughter loves using Typewiz!"

Typewiz has truly exceeded our expectations! My daughter's journey to touch typing proficiency has been nothing short of remarkable with this program. The interactive lessons, coupled with the engaging games and the reward system of avatars and coins, have kept her consistently motivated. Watching her enthusiasm for typing grow has been a joy for us as parents. Typewiz has made the learning process both effective and enjoyable, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to any family looking for a top-notch typing tutor for their child

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  • How much is Typewiz?

    Our premium subscription plans are tailored to suit your preferences. For individual users, is just €14.99 per month or an entire year of uninterrupted access for €149.99. Elevate your experience further with our Family Plan, encompassing five user logins for a mere €49.95 per month (€10 per user per month) or the exceptional value of €499.95 annually. Uncover all these pricing options effortlessly on step 2 of our free trial sign-in.

    Embark on a 7-day free trial, providing you with the freedom to explore our offerings risk-free. Should you choose to discontinue at any point during this trial period, cancellation is just a click away. Elevate your typing journey with us today!

  • How flexible are the subscriptions?

    The subscriptions are flexible and can be paid on either a monthly or annual basis.

  • Does Typewiz work on Ipad?

    The iPad is currently not a supported device for Typewiz.

  • How does Typewiz compare to other typing tutors available online?

    Typewiz is designed with a child in mind. The focus is to encourage children on how to touch type. We do this by motivating a child by offering them the change to earn coins, avatars, games and to be on top of the classroom leaderboard.

  • Is is possible to cancel the course subscription?

    Yes, it is possible to cancel your course subscription at any time. To do this login into your account dashboard, select cancel course subscription. Please note when you cancel the course subscription your account on Typewiz is automatically deleted.

  • What browser is supported?

    Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox.

  • How long should my child be practicing per week with Typewiz?

    We would recommend at least one hour per week but the more practice your child does the quicker they will learn to type. Your child could do a half-hour per day (Monday to Friday) which would be 2.5 hours per week.

  • How many lessons are in Typewiz

    There are 60 lessons in Typewiz. With 20 exercises per lesson. So there is 1,200 exercises in total for your child to complete.

  • How may typing games are there in Typewiz

    There are currently six typing games in Typewiz. Each child starts off with one typing game and as they progress through Typewiz an additional typing game gets unlocked. Once your child completes an additional five lessons in Typewiz, a new game gets unlocked.

  • How long would you recommend it would take for my child to type at forty word per minute (40 WPM)

    Forty words per minute is the gold standard for typing on Typewiz. This would mean that your child can type faster than they can write. Which is indeed an amazing achievement.  It would take an average child around 40 hours to achieve this. But it could be longer or shorter depending on your child.  Factors that would cause your child to take longer are as follows:

    • Age
    • Concentration
    • Motivation
    • Learning difference


  • Can I sign up to Typewiz free trial multiple times using my email address?

    We only allow one free trial sign-up using your email address. If you sign up for a second free trial using your email address you will automatically be signed up to our subscription plan.