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September 24, 2020

How do I motivate my child to learn how to touch-type?

How do I motivate my child to learn how to touch-type?

So you want your child to learn how to touch type but how do you go about motivating them to type correctly?


Touch typing is the ability to type without looking down on the keyboard. All fingers reside on the home keys, your left fingers rest on ASDF buttons and right fingers on JKL; buttons. Your thumbs operate the space key.

The other approach to typing would be to use a method called hunt and peck where the fingers reside over the keyboard and pick out the keys by looking down on the keyboard. If a child learns to touch type correctly then they master a skill that can stay with them for the rest of their life. They become efficient at typing and save a lot of time and effort. 


First off you must explain to your child the benefits of learning how to type correctly as opposed to the hunt and peck method. The main benefits are as follows:


  • Touch typing will provide you with great speed and accuracy as opposed to the hunt and peck method.
  • If you learn how to type at 40 words per minute then you can type quicker than you can write, which is an amazing skill.
  • Touch typing allows your child to multitask. So your child can be typing and also be doing another task like talking, reading etc.
  • Once learn it become ingrained in your child’s brain so it can be used in future
  • Touch typing will allow your child to gain confidence in using a computer
  • Touch typing will allow your child to have an advantage over children that can’t type properly.


The next thing is to obtain a typing tutor that will work with your child and keep them motivated. A typing tutor that allows your child to become engaged and want to use all the time. Our Typing Tutor (Typewiz.com) was designed to keep your child motivated and has several motivating aspects built into the program. 


The first motivating aspect of our program is our game coins. A game coin can be used in our game arcade for all our typing games.  


First, a child can earn game coins if they do the following on the program:


  • Earn 100% perfect score on any exercise they work on
  • Earn three 95% scores
  • Get a word per minute of 15 words per minute


These game coins can be used in the games arcade in Typewiz. Each coin allows a child to play one game. When a child finishes a game, their score is recorded on a game’s leaderboard which motivates them to get a high score and play another game 


Once all the coins are used up they are no longer able to play the games. This motivates a child to achieve high accuracy or high typing speed to earn a high score and play another game and to compete to get a high score to become on top of the leaderboard.


The next aspect of Typewiz is that your child can earn an avatar after each lesson is complete. A lesson comprises 20 exercises that your child has to complete before moving on to the next lesson. There are 39 lessons in Typewiz, each with their own unique avatar that your child can earn. This will motivate them to complete the lessons as quickly as possible.


The final aspect of Typewiz is the ability for your child to view the profile and see their accuracy and words per minute in a simple to view the report. This can be printed to show you how well they have achieved on the Typewiz program.


All these aspects help your child to stay motivated and remain focused on becoming a typing guru. To learn the correct way how to touch type and to learn a skill that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

If you are interested in trying out our touch typing online lessons. A free trial is available at the following link.


Happy Typing!