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October 2, 2020

Eleven things to consider before using a typing tutor for your child

Eleven things to consider before using a typing tutor for your child

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Your child needs to learn how to touch type and you are wondering what program features would be best suit your child to learn how to type at home.

We have compiled a list of the important features that you should consider before enrolling your child typing course.

  1. The first thing consider is whether you require a typing tutor that needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer or one that you can access online. In our opinion, the best option would be an online typing tutor that allows your child to access the typing tutor online on any computer or laptop device. The typing tutor should work on any browser and not require any third party add ons to be installed.
  2. The typing tutor should not require a fast internet connection to work. It should work on low internet bandwidth.
  3. The program should be easy to use and navigate for a young child.
  4. The typing tutor should have no adverts to distract your child from learning how to touch type and redirecting them other sites.
  5. Your child should be motivated by the typing tutor. Built-in rewards should be a core element of the typing tutor. Your child should be able to earn avatars, coins or badges. A child that is motivated will learn quicker and become a successful typist.
  6. The typing course lesson plan should be well structures with the first lesson emphasising the home keys and not random letters of the alphabet. 
  7. As your child progresses on the online typing course, the hands that guide your child should be removed as a child is not fully touch typing until on-screen hand aids disappear. This should happen relatively early on the program so your child doesn’t get too used to him and become dependent on them to type. 
  8. Is the typing tutor engaging and fun to use? Kids need a typing tutor that allows them to be engaged and fun.
  9. The typing tutor should offer a comprehensive report of their progress on the online typing course.  
  10. A completion certificate should be available once your child finishes the course and detail their word per minute and accuracy.
  11. A typing tutor should always allow you to try for free so your child can try it out and see if suits them.

Once you consider all these requirements.  You will find that you will have a great guide to finding what is the best typing tutor that is available now on the market.

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