August 17, 2020

Benefits of learning how to touch type for children

Benefits of learning how to touch type for children:

  • Touch typing if learnt earlier can be a long term key skill in the home, school, college, and in a work environment.
  • Touch typing helps your child to type faster as well as accurately, without having to look at the keyboard every now and then
  • Once your child is touch typing it becomes unconscious, letting your child become more creative.
  • A child can learn faster than adults. So the earlier they learn the better. No bad habits are formed.
  • Learn to type faster with all your fingers as opposed to one. More productive!
  • Learn keys off without having to look down at the keyboard. Memory skill.
  • Make your child really efficient when using the keyboard saving them loads of time!
  • Achieve high words per minute (wpm) – typing faster than they can write, the gold standard of typing 40 wpm!

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